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Pure Sixty-Four, Inc
Changing the lives of guitarists one amp at a time...

In 1979, Mark Giammattei, the owner and creator of Pure-Sixty Four Amps, LLC., joined General Electric Companies Plastics Division. Mark worked his way through the technical manufacturing ranks and eventually made his way into G.E.'s Research and Engineering Group at the Noryl Plastics Division in Selkirk, NY. From the age of twenty he worked as a Polymer Research Technician in the field of new product development. In 1992, he made his way into the G.E. Global Research Center of Excellence, home of Thomas Edison. All of G.E.'s innovative inventions start life at the research center and the world's most gifted researchers are attracted to/employed at the Research Center. One would never believe some amazing things go on behind closed doors at the facility.

Concurrently in 1984, Mark purchased a five-bay automotive repair business in Coxsackie, NY, M&S Precision Automotives. He kept busy working nights and weekends to build up the business and finally sold it, in 1987, to an investor.

In 1989, Mark formed Jimetti Racing. He engineered fuel systems for racing vehicles; selling products to guys like Ray Everingham, former crew chief for the four-time Winston Cup champion, Jeff Gordon.

"...good people make things happen and I'm very fortunate to be surrounded by them!"

In 1992, Mark added recreational vehicle performance products to his list of design expertise. Jimetti Racing, a sole proprietorship, eventually transitioned into the well known Mega Power Performance Products Inc. Mark designed and built some of the most powerful and "winningest" two-stroke racing engines in the world. His engines powered independent racers to eleven national championships and his NHRA asphalt racing machine, still holds the national record. Mega Power was sold to Maxximum Performance, a New York based performance business in 2002 and with that Mark retired from the racing and performance world.

In 2000, Mark's passion for electronics really came into play when he built a 3000 sq. ft. climate-controlled electronics manufacturing, wood/metal fabrication shop and studio facility. This finally allowed him to have a place where he could test out all his new ideas.

Throughout all of this insanity, Mark played guitar in numerous local and regional bands. Mark's first stage performance was at the age of sixteen, performing in night clubs (illegally); he has remained active as a guitar slinger ever since. Along with being a performer, Mark has also served as the musical director for the famous northeast favorite El-Extreme throughout the late 80's. Now Mark still performs live with the Foy Brothers, another local favorite. The group is looking into booking around sixty gigs between now and September 2007.

So how does Mark make the time to do all of this? He credits most of his success to his wife Cindy, who keeps it all together for him, as well as his family and friends in the business world that advise him and help him to produce products for the boutique amplifier and musical products industry. Mark says that he is fortunate to have so many "great people" around him and he couldn't do any of this, including the band, without their talent and commitment.

Mark also says that he is committed to the high-end guitar audio products business and will work to bring new and innovative ideas and products to the market. With the drive and determination, along with his admirable work ethic Mark is sure not to be giving up any time soon.

Look for Pure Sixty-Four Amps and components to turn heads for years to come. Mark hopes that musicians and others alike will get excited about the great products he has in store.